Dad Shoots Newborn and Wife With Crossbow

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A man with a documented history of domestic abuse was arrested and charged with murder following an incident involving a crossbow. 

The tragic event unfolded on Monday, June 26, in the family’s home in Colesville, New York, and resulted in the death of their three-week-old daughter.

According to Broome County police, 26-year-old Patrick D. Proefriedt fired a crossbow bolt at his wife, Megan Carey, while she was holding their infant daughter, Eleanor. The bolt struck the baby in the upper torso, passed through near the armpit, and then hit Carey in the chest. Proefriedt reportedly removed the bolt and tried to prevent Carey from contacting emergency services.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene on State Route 41 near Cass Road at around 5:15 am. Despite their efforts, the newborn was pronounced dead at the scene. Carey, 31 years old, suffered injuries and was transported to Wilson Hospital for medical treatment.

After the incident, Proefriedt fled the scene in a red 2016 Dodge Ram pickup truck. However, law enforcement units, using aerial drones, located him in nearby woods, less than a mile away from the home. The suspect’s vehicle had become stuck in the mud, aiding his apprehension.

Proefriedt is now facing charges of second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and first-degree criminal contempt, the latter charge relating to the violation of an order of protection. Law enforcement authorities revealed that Proefriedt had a Stay Away order in place due to previous incidents of domestic abuse.

The incident occurred just weeks after Proefriedt had posted a photo of himself and his daughter, Eleanor, on Facebook, with a caption proclaiming his commitment to protecting his family and friends.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing, as confirmed by the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. Proefriedt remains in custody without bail until his arraignment.

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