Nine Injured in Denver Shooting

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Nine people were injured in a shooting that took place on Monday, June 12, in downtown Denver, Colorado. 

The incident unfolded around 12:30 am, approximately three hours after the conclusion of an NBA match in which the Denver Nuggets triumphed over the Miami Heat. During this time, Market Street and the surrounding areas were crowded with basketball fans celebrating the victory.

Although the majority of the crowd had dispersed by then, a small group of people remained when the suspected shooter began firing. The reason behind the shooting remains unknown, with authorities yet to confirm if it was connected to the NBA game or the shooter’s possible allegiance to any of the teams.

Among the nine people injured, three were critically wounded and were rushed to the hospital immediately. The remaining six victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect, who was taken into custody, also received injuries, but the exact cause of these injuries is unclear at this time.

According to Doug Schepman, a spokesperson for the police, the events leading to the confrontation that escalated into the shooting are still being investigated. The shooting took place in an area crowded with celebrators, notably near bars where fans may have gathered post-game.

Officials are now in the process of interviewing witnesses as part of the extensive ongoing investigation. 

The scene on Market Street following the Nuggets’ win was described as chaotic, with fans swarming the street, climbing street lights, and causing traffic disruptions. 

Authorities are still collecting information to understand the circumstances leading up to the shooting, hoping to elucidate the events and motives behind the tragic incident.

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