Bruce Springsteen Opens Up About Ongoing Battle with Peptic Ulcer Disease

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On Tuesday, October 10, renowned rock legend Bruce Springsteen, 74, opened up about his ongoing health challenges during his SiriusXM E Street Radio show “From My Home to Yours.” 

Springsteen, who often goes by the moniker “The Boss,” revealed that he is battling peptic ulcer disease, a condition that he humorously referred to as a “bitch of a bellyache.”

The impact of this disease led Springsteen and The E Street Band to postpone the remainder of their 2023 tour dates last month. This decision, while necessary for his health, undoubtedly disappointed many of his fans worldwide. However, Springsteen was quick to express his gratitude to his supporters, acknowledging their understanding and patience during this challenging time.

“Let me take a moment and thank my fans affected by our postponed shows for their understanding,” he said during the show. “I am deeply sorry but this belly thing, despite my ability to laugh at it, has been a monster and is still unfortunately rocking my internal world.” This genuine message from the rock icon underscores the severity of his condition, even as he maintains a sense of humor about it.

There is some good news for fans, though. Springsteen and the band recently announced 16 rescheduled tour dates that are set to occur from March through September of the next year. This suggests that while the singer’s health has affected his immediate plans, he remains hopeful and committed to getting back on stage when he’s able.

Peptic ulcer disease is characterized by a sharp, burning pain in the stomach, as outlined by the Cleveland Clinic. In its severe forms, the disease can manifest with symptoms such as vomiting blood, dark or tarry stools, difficulty breathing, sudden weight loss, and changes in appetite. While Springsteen has been open about his diagnosis, he has not specified which of these symptoms he has been experiencing.


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