Groom Kills 5 at Wedding, Including Bride

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On Saturday, November 25, 2023, a 29-year-old former Thai soldier and decorated Paralympic swimmer went on a drunken shooting rampage during his wedding. 

Chaturong Suksuk fatally shot his new bride, her mother, her sister, and a wedding guest before taking his own life. The incident took place in Nakhon Ratchasima province, in northeastern Thailand.

Suksuk and his bride, Kanchana Pachunthuek, 44, had just exchanged vows earlier that day in a traditional wedding ceremony. 

The couple had been living together for three years, and Pachunthuek reportedly had two children from a previous marriage. 

Witnesses reported that Suksuk did not appear as happy as one might expect on such a joyous occasion. Throughout the night, he became increasingly inebriated and was seen having heated arguments with his bride at their table. The groom, in a fit of rage, flipped a table and left the party. He returned shortly with a 9mm handgun, which he had purchased legally the previous year. He opened fire, killing his wife, her 62-year-old mother, and her 38-year-old sister. The violence did not end there; two guests, aged 50 and 28, were also caught in the gunfire. 

The 50-year-old guest later died from their injuries in the hospital, while the 28-year-old was seriously injured. In a final act of desperation, the shooter turned the gun on himself, ending his life.

Thai police, who recovered 11 spent cartridges of 9mm ammunition from the scene, are still investigating.

Before this tragedy, Suksuk was known for his achievements in the sports world. He was a former Thai marine soldier who lost one of his legs following a train accident. Despite his disability, he excelled as an athlete, representing Thailand in the 11th ASEAN Para Games in Indonesia in 2022, where he won a silver medal in swimming. He was also on the list of athletes competing in the World Abilitysport Games in Thailand the following month.

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