American Idol Contestant Involved in Fatal Crash

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Former “American Idol” Season 19 contestant, Alex Miller, and his band were part of a fatal car collision in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, on the night of February 13, 2024.

The crash occurred shortly before 10:30 p.m., involving the group’s tour bus and another vehicle, leading to the death of the car’s driver.

Miller, who has gained recognition as a country music artist following his “American Idol” stint, was returning from a Florida promotional trip for his latest single “Oh, Odessa,” released the same day as the accident. Miller, 20, was a passenger, not the driver, and he along with his band members remained uninjured.

The other vehicle, a Toyota RAV4, was driven by 53-year-old James M. Mcpheron of Mount Vernon, Kentucky. Mcpheron reportedly lost control of his vehicle, colliding with Miller’s tour bus. He was taken to Rockcastle Regional Hospital by the Rockcastle EMS team, where he was later declared dead. The cause of Mcpheron’s loss of control is under investigation by the Kentucky State Police.

Miller, following the incident, made a social media statement, expressing his condolences to Mcpheron’s family and confirming that all aboard the bus were safe. The occupants of the bus had to exit through a window due to the door being damaged in the crash.

Since his “American Idol” appearance, Miller has remained active in the country music industry, with a contract from Nashville-based Billy Jam Records.

Miller, hailing from Kentucky, gained popularity in 2021 through his participation in the well-known singing competition. His rendition of Jimmy Martin’s “Freeborn Man” left a strong impression on the judges—Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry.

Miller made it to the “Hollywood Week” of the competition but did not secure a place in the Top 24. The title was eventually won by fellow country artist Chayce Beckham.

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