Remains of Missing Nurse Found by Hiker

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After months of uncertainty, the Berkshire County, Massachusetts District Attorney’s Office has announced that human remains found on Lenox Mountain belonged to a 66-year-old retired nurse who went missing in October 2023. 

Susan Lockwood, of Richmond, Massachusetts was reported missing on October 30, triggering a comprehensive search by local and state authorities. Despite deploying infrared cameras, drones, and the State Police Air Wing unit in the initial search efforts, it wasn’t until early February that the investigation made a pivotal breakthrough in the case.

Lockwood’s vehicle was originally discovered on Reservoir Road, close to the hiking trails she frequented, suggesting she had been there before she went missing.

On February 9, 2024 a hiker, guided by their dog, discovered a hiking boot containing human remains off of a trail on Lenox Mountain. The dog had picked up a scent that took the pair off the trail, leading to the boot. 

This discovery led the Massachusetts State Police to intensify their search efforts in an area that had been extensively searched before, in the quest to find the missing woman.

Following this initial discovery, the State Police Special Emergency Response Team conducted further searches on February 11 and 12, uncovering additional evidence, including clothing and human remains, at the base of a cliff. 

Notably, a fully intact skull was among the items found and, along with the other evidence, was submitted to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for analysis. By February 14, dental records conclusively identified the remains as belonging to Susan Lockwood.

The investigation into the cause and manner of Lockwood’s death is ongoing, with authorities not suspecting foul play. The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office has maintained communication with Lockwood’s husband, providing updates on the case’s progress.

Lockwood, known for her love of hiking in the area around Reservoir Road and Lenox Mountain, had been struggling with anxiety before her disappearance, as shared by her husband, Dan Davison. “She was on a month-long waiting list for treatment at Berkshire Medical Center,” he added. 

District Attorney Timothy Shugrue expressed gratitude for the tireless efforts of the law enforcement and emergency response personnel involved in the search. He also extended his deepest condolences to Lockwood’s husband, family, and friends, acknowledging the difficult closure brought about by the identification of her remains.

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