Shocking Discovery: Lethal Chemical in Everyday Sanitizer

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In a sweeping safety alert, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall for numerous lots of Aruba Aloe Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol 80% and Aruba Aloe Alcoholada Gel. This action comes after it was discovered that these products contain methanol, which poses severe health risks when absorbed through the skin or ingested.

Aruba Aloe Balm N.V., the manufacturer, has identified 40 lots of these products distributed exclusively in the United States from May 1, 2021, to October 27, 2023, through its online platform. The recall encompasses hand sanitizers and aloe gels marketed under the Aruba Aloe brand.

According to the FDA’s official communication, exposure to methanol can lead to serious conditions such as nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, permanent damage to the central nervous system, coma, and even death.

The recall notice stresses the importance of consumers immediately ceasing to use these products and disposing of them properly. The company emailed customers who purchased the recalled items and provided them with discount coupons for future purchases. The FDA strongly advises those possessing these products to follow the disposal instructions in the recall notice.

For additional assistance, consumers are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider if they experience any symptoms potentially related to methanol exposure. These symptoms can include headaches and dizziness to more severe reactions such as visual disturbances and disorientation.

A statement from an FDA spokesperson highlighted the gravity of the situation, “Substantial methanol exposure is hazardous and could be fatal. If you have these products at home, please ensure they are disposed of immediately and safely.”

Reflecting on the scope of this issue, health experts express concern, particularly for vulnerable groups. “Although all persons using these products on their hands are at risk, young children who accidentally ingest these products and adolescents and adults who drink these products as an alcohol (ethanol) substitute are most at risk for methanol poisoning,” noted one health expert.

The company has set up a response plan to handle consumer queries and reports. So far, no adverse effects have been reported, but the manufacturer and FDA are closely monitoring the situation. The FDA’s webpage lists detailed information regarding the lot numbers and expiration dates of the affected products, which consumers can refer to in order to verify if their purchases are included in the recall.

For further details on the recalled products or to report any health issues, consumers are directed to visit the FDA’s official website or contact Aruba Aloe Balm N.V. directly via their customer service.

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