18 Dead, 32 Injured When Bus Topples off Highway

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In the early hours of a seemingly ordinary Sunday, April 28, 2024, tragedy struck on the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico when a bus carrying pilgrims to the sacred Chalma sanctuary veered off the highway, resulting in a catastrophic accident that claimed 18 lives and left 32 people injured. 

The bus, which originated in San Luis de la Paz in Guanajuato State, flipped on a stretch near Malinalco in the southern region of Mexico State. This area wraps around the capital city from three sides.

Something went awry as the bus traveled toward the sanctuary known for its religious significance, drawing thousands of pilgrims yearly. The specifics of how the crash occurred are still under investigation, but the immediate aftermath was clear and devastating. 

According to a statement by the secretary of security, 14 passengers were pronounced dead at the scene. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals, and four more died from their injuries, bringing the total number of dead to 18.

Local media captured scenes of residents providing water and blankets to the distraught relatives of the victims, embodying a spontaneous outpouring of compassion and support. “It was a reflex to help,” one resident said, reflecting the communal spirit that tragedies, however harrowing, often inspire.

The state prosecutors’ offices from both Mexico and Guanajuato states have stepped in to assist the families of the deceased and injured, navigating the complexities of such a sudden and large-scale emergency.

The governor of Mexico State, Delfina Gómez Álvarez, has promised to review transportation policies and infrastructure, especially the safety measures for buses traveling on pilgrimage routes, which are often frequented by large groups.

As the investigation continues, the families of those affected are calling for transparency and accountability, hoping that their loss will lead to actions that prevent future tragedies.

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