Seinfeld Slams Talk Show Legend in Podcast Rant

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently apologized to radio icon Howard Stern following comments that sparked significant backlash.

Speaking on the “Fly on the Wall” podcast, hosted by Dana Carvey and David Spade, Seinfeld critiqued Stern’s comedic prowess, suggesting that while Stern pioneered the comedy podcast format, he had been surpassed by newer talents.

Seinfeld, age 70, celebrated for his iconic 90s sitcom and a successful career in stand-up comedy, expressed regret for his phrasing. “I truly regret what I said about my friend Howard Stern,” Seinfeld shared. “I intended to suggest he might feel encircled, yet I chose ‘outflanked,’ which unfortunately came off as harsh and derogatory.”

Seinfeld, whose directorial debut on Netflix has been the talk of the town, expressed that while Stern was a “great interviewer,” the dynamics of newer podcasts, including Carvey and Spade’s, offered a more collaborative and less confrontational approach to comedy. This comment was perceived as a critique of Stern’s traditional style, leading to widespread discussion online.

Seinfeld’s apology recognized his error in judgment and reconfirmed his enduring friendship with Stern, whom he endearingly refers to as Howie. “Obviously, these smaller programs pose no challenge to his major show. It was wrong, and I apologize, Howie. I still have great affection for you. Please forgive me,” Seinfeld expressed, highlighting his continued fondness for Stern.

Stern, 70, known as the “King of All Media,” revolutionized radio with his unapologetic and bold style. Beginning his career in 1975 at Boston University’s WBTU station, Stern became a national figure with his self-titled show, which aired from 1986 to 2005. He moved to SiriusXM in 2005, marking a significant turn, allowing him unfettered creative freedom away from FCC regulations. Stern has since interviewed a slew of high-profile figures, including a recent notable interview with President Joe Biden, demonstrating his prowess as a skilled interviewer beyond his shock jock roots.

Howard Stern later discussed his reaction to Jerry Seinfeld’s critique of his comedic skills, asserting that he felt Seinfeld was questioning his humor. Stern was admittedly caught off guard by these comments, considering their strong bond. Nevertheless, once Seinfeld offered an apology, Stern was open to moving past the issue.

In a conversation on “The Howard Stern Show,” the presenter recounted his initial surprise at Seinfeld’s critique. “When I stumbled upon Jerry’s comments, my first thought was, ‘That’s strange,’ especially since Jerry is someone we regard as a good friend. Not to mention, his wife, Jessica [Seinfeld], and my wife, Beth [Stern], are very close.”

Stern further explained that Jerry’s attempt to rectify his words came as a relief. He was quick to reassure Jerry that the misunderstanding was not significant, that all was well between them, and that his apology was unnecessary. Despite this, Jerry continued to express his sorrow, leading Stern to eventually accept his gesture of regret.

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