Taylor Swift Gets Relationship Advice From Popular Actress

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On May 6, 2024, country singer and actress Jana Kramer, 40, used her “Whine Down” podcast platform to express concerns about NFL player Travis Kelce’s lifestyle and its potential impact on his girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift. Kramer voiced criticism towards the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player’s alleged excessive drinking and aggressive behavior.

Kramer stated during her podcast, “In every video I’ve seen, he appears to be drunk.” She further expressed concerns that Swift, also 34, might adopt similar habits, saying, “I notice her drinking more now—like the company you keep.” She also criticized Kelce’s recent interaction with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl, stating, “The Super Bowl incident rubbed me the wrong way… that aggression.”

Initially, Kramer had viewed Kelce and Swift as a delightful couple. However, she noted that Kelce’s behavior was reminiscent of an ex-partner, without specifying whom. Her guest, Josie Van Dyke, suggested the reference was to Kramer’s ex-husband, former Washington Redskins player Mike Caussin.

Kramer also critiqued Kelce’s apparent eagerness for media attention since he began dating Swift, labeling it as “corny” and “cheesy.”

According to a Page Six source close to Kelce, the player was taken aback by Kramer’s comments, particularly because he had never met her in person. The source suggested that Kramer might be using his relationship with Swift to gain attention.

Another source defended Kelce, explaining that his high-profile status places him under constant scrutiny, which often includes public drinking.

“It’s not like he’s passed out anywhere. If that were the case, I’d understand the concern, but that’s not what’s happening.” The source reiterated that Kelce is a regular individual whose actions might appear exaggerated due to his fame.

There was also a backlash against Kramer’s comments on social media. One user questioned, “How is someone who has been married more than once in a position to judge Travis and Taylor?”

Another social media user defended Kelce, stating, “Jana Kramer can sit down and shut up… You don’t even know him. PERIOD.”

Kelce and Swift’s relationship has been a magnet for media attention. In December 2023, Swift publicly spoke about their relationship, expressing admiration for Kelce’s support. “I’m going to watch him do what he loves, and we’re there for each other,” she told “Time” magazine. “We’re just proud of each other.”

Responding to Kramer’s comments, Kelce acknowledged the attention his relationship with Swift has garnered and expressed his commitment to manage it effectively. He said, “You just have to keep living, learning, and enjoying the moments.”

Despite the public scrutiny, Kelce and Swift continue to make public appearances together. They were recently seen at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, and at Patrick Mahomes’ charity event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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