Woman Mauled to Death By Pack of 13 Dogs

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A distressing event recently took place in Quitman, Georgia, where a local mother was killed and her children injured by a pack of at least 13 aggressive dogs.

The fatal incident happened shortly before Mother’s Day, adding an additional layer of tragedy to the weekend.

Courtney Williams, 35, was found deceased in a yard on Webster Road in Quitman, Georgia on May 9, 2024, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). The GBI reported that Brooks County deputies responded to a distress call about children being attacked by dogs at approximately 4:45 p.m. that day. Williams was discovered at the scene.

Reports indicate that the attack occurred while the family was waiting at a bus stop near Brooks County Middle School. The GBI has not yet disclosed information about the dogs’ owner, but early indications suggest the dogs may have belonged to a nearby resident.

Crystal Cox, who introduced herself as Williams’ sister-in-law, shared a heart-rending recount of the incident on social media. She revealed that Williams’ son Kayden was severely injured while trying to shield his sister during the attack. “He was hurt quite seriously but is doing better now, they stapled him up. He’s in pain and resting at my house,” Cox stated on Facebook.

Williams’ other son managed to escape the attack and get help from a nearby school. He flagged down a passerby who assisted in fending off the dogs and ensuring the children were taken to the hospital before the arrival of law enforcement.

One neighbor expressed profound sympathy for the family, particularly considering the timing of the event. “I do feel for the family and for the kids because now they are going to have to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother,” the neighbor informed the local press. Another resident pointed out the ongoing issue of stray dogs in Brooks County and the lack of county animal control, which could have possibly averted such a tragic incident.

The GBI, while still investigating the incident, requested anyone with relevant information to contact their Investigative Office in Thomasville. The authorities are soliciting public assistance in providing any helpful details that could shed light on the circumstances of the attack.

News outlet WALB reported that the initial attack involved 13 dogs. Over the past weekend, the Thomasville Humane Society began the process of removing the dogs from the scene and has successfully captured 11 so far.

Chandler Giddes, the head of the Thomasville Humane Society, commented, “The tragic loss of a woman’s life and the irreversible impact on two children underscore the significant challenges we confront in animal services. It’s crucial to understand the causes of such aggressive behavior in dogs, from the perspectives of both owners and the community. Responsibility is key.”

Giddes indicated that there are still three dogs that need to be removed from the location. In addition, a Brooks County resident emphasized that the issue of stray dogs and their overpopulation has been a longstanding problem in the area.

Each year in the United States, an estimated 30 to 50 people die as a result of dog bites, a small percentage of the roughly 4.5 million dog bite incidents that occur annually.

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