Kate Middleton and Prince William Make Announcement During Kate’s Health Crisis

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Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, and her spouse, Prince William, recently issued a solemn message addressing the death of Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot Mark Long, who was involved in a fatal Spitfire plane crash at a Battle of Britain event. The incident took place on May 25, 2024.

The couple expressed their grief, stating, “Incredibly sad to hear of the news this afternoon from RAF Coningsby. Our thoughts tonight are with the pilot’s family, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and the entire RAF community.” The statement was signed “W & C,” representing William and Catherine.

The plane crash happened near the RAF Coningsby base located in eastern England, leading to an active investigation. Following the accident, the RAF decided to ground the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight planes until further notice.

Group Captain Robbie Lees, Commander of the Display Air Wing, paid tribute to the 43-year-old pilot, referring to him as “a great friend, colleague, and a passionate, professional aviator.” The RAF has decided to withhold additional comments until the investigation concludes.

This public statement from Kate follows her cancer diagnosis announcement in March 2024, which led her to reduce her public appearances to focus on her health. Despite her health challenges, a spokesperson from Kensington Palace confirmed that Kate remains actively involved with the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, an initiative she started almost three years ago.

Christian Guy, the foundation’s executive director, affirmed that Kate is keen on the ongoing early years campaign. “The early years campaign is rolling on as she recovers,” he said, underlining her commitment to the cause even amidst her health crisis.

Prince William, who served in the RAF and later as an air ambulance pilot, continues his royal responsibilities while supporting Kate. The Prince recently revealed that their eldest son, Prince George, is interested in aviation, suggesting a “potential pilot in the making.”

Last month, their youngest son, Prince Louis, turned six. During her ongoing treatment, Kate snapped a photo to commemorate the occasion.

Due to her health condition, Kate will miss upcoming public ceremonies, including the annual Trooping the Colour event. In her stead, Lieutenant General James Bucknall will act as the Inspecting Officer on June 8, further emphasizing the gravity of her health situation and the need for her to concentrate on recovery.

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