King Charles III: ‘That Fool’ Remark

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In recent months, the British Royal Family has found itself at the center of increased media scrutiny and internal conflict, particularly following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” back in December 2022. 

King Charles III’s reaction to this release and other related incidents have been detailed in the book “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival” by Omid Scobie. The book is set for release on November 28, 2023.

According to Scobie’s book, King Charles III expressed profound displeasure over his son and daughter-in-law’s documentary, reportedly referring to Prince Harry as “that fool” in the wake of its release. This remark highlights the growing rift within the royal family, exacerbated by Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to resign from their senior royal duties and move to the United States.

The six-episode docuseries, which delves into the couple’s decision to step back from royal duties, allegations of racism within the royal family, and their life in California, reportedly caused considerable unease within Buckingham Palace. Scobie, known for his close connections to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, claims that the documentary had a significant impact, overshadowing other royal activities and contributing to a tense atmosphere within the palace.

This tension was further compounded by Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” which, along with the Netflix series, has seemingly strained his relationship with his father, and his brother. The book suggests a deepening divide between the brothers, marked by indifference and a lack of communication. Scobie notes that Prince William has been loyal to the monarchy, even allegedly cooperating with the press in the UK to make Prince Harry look bad.

Despite these strained relations, there have been attempts at reconciliation. Notably, the Sussexes reached out to King Charles III on his 75th birthday with a phone call and a video of their children singing “Happy Birthday,” suggesting a possible thawing of the icy relations.

However, the book “Endgame” portrays King Charles as a “flawed father” and sheds light on the complexity of his relationship with both Prince Harry and Prince William. The revelations in the book and the media coverage surrounding the Netflix series have brought to the forefront the challenges and internal dynamics of the modern British monarchy.

The relationship between King Charles III and Prince Harry has not been the same since the latter stepped down as a working senior member of the royal family in 2020. The Netflix series and Prince Harry’s memoir have only added to the complexity of their relationship, presenting challenges for the monarchy’s public image and internal harmony.

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