NFL Star Under Investigation for Leaving Scene of Accident

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice, 23, is being sought after by authorities after a multi-vehicle crash on Saturday evening, March 30, 2024, which involved a Chevrolet Corvette connected to him.

According to Dallas, Texas police, the incident occurred around 6:25 p.m. on the North Central Expressway. Preliminary reports indicate that a Corvette and a Lamborghini were speeding in the leftmost lane before losing control. The Lamborghini veered off, striking the median barrier and triggering a chain-reaction crash involving four additional vehicles.

The popular entertainment news website TMZ has published photographs that purportedly show Rice enjoying what seems to be a family gathering at a local Dallas restaurant merely hours before the accident. These images place Rice and his mother, Marsha Kearney, among friends, hoisting glasses in what appears to be a toast to a momentous occasion. While the photographs do not confirm whether Rice was drinking alcoholic beverages or what might have been in the glasses, the implication is clear: Rice was in Dallas, a mere six miles from the crash site, visibly relishing the evening.

Dashcam footage has surfaced, reinforcing the police’s account of two cars — a Lamborghini SUV and a Corvette — hurtling down a freeway before one cataclysmically spiraled out of control, initiating a multi-vehicle collision.

Published reports from FOX Sports Radio and TMZ Sports have depicted at least four individuals, including one in a shirt eerily similar to Rice’s attire earlier in the evening, deserting the crash site, leaving behind a scene of vehicular pandemonium and unanswered questions.

TMZ Sports’ coverage of the accident aftermath shows not just the carnage but also captures these men strolling away from the chaos. One of the individuals who emerged from the Lamborghini communicated a chest injury, yet they continued on without providing aid or information. The Dallas police department has been investigating but has yet to identify the drivers or make any arrests.

The impact of the collision resulted in minor injuries to four people. Two were transported to a local hospital, while the others received onsite treatment from Dallas Fire Rescue personnel. No serious injuries were reported despite the extensive property damage and the potential for more severe outcomes.

Kayla Quinn, a 27-year-old involved in the incident, lamented that her four-year-old kid was put in danger by the speeding men. “No one stopped,” Quinn said. ‘We had children, like, we had kids. It’s the fact that no sympathy was shown to the extent that you all can even have the decency to stop and check to make sure someone’s OK, someone’s alive, you know? I’m just blessed to walk out of there because it could have been so much worse,” added Quinn.

The Corvette’s connection to Rice has been a point of particular interest. Reports indicate the vehicle is registered to or leased by the NFL player. However, as of Sunday, Rice had not been formally charged, nor had he been located by police for questioning. The ongoing investigation seeks to clarify Rice’s role in the incident, if any, and determine the full sequence of events leading up to the crash.

In a statement, Rice’s attorney conveys his client’s determination to take “any and all steps to deal with this responsibly,” a sentiment echoed by the Chiefs’ President, who has asserted that the team’s response will be measured and appropriate, pending the full disclosure of the facts.

Rice, a notable figure in professional football with a burgeoning career, played a significant role in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory earlier this year. Before his NFL tenure, he was a standout player at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, making the incident particularly poignant given his ties to the area.

The Dallas Police Department continues its investigation. The primary goal remains to identify and question all individuals involved in the incident.

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